Helped our son grow

We can’t thank TTNL enough. In the last year, you have helped our son grow as a ball player and a young man. He’s very excited to have made the team, and your support, encouragement and coaching over the last year has been invaluable.

Travel Team Parent

The coaches were exceptional

My son Bowan participated in the recent To the Next Level basketball camp and the coaches (for this camp) were exceptional! I really cannot say enough about them.  Highest marks on skills, fundamentals, ability to maintain the attention and participation of every single kid (and there were 20 kids there today).  They also somehow managed to give personalized help to individuals without making them seem as if they were doing something wrong and used the moments to teach to everyone.  They positively lead by taking time out regarding working and helping to improve other kids you might be partnered up with that don’t seem to be as good, because that partner is on your team, and focusing on mechanics (“I don’t care if you make the basket, I only care if you are trying to make the layup the right way”).  I have seen a number of sports camps and coaches and these guys were another level – every bit professional athletes, patient teachers, and positive motivational coaches!

Adam Powers

Always encouraging, fun and developing skills

Thank you to Tony and the TTNL team over the years to coach our boys. Always encouraging, fun and developing their skills and team relationships.

Jennifer Root Noel

Thank you

Hi Tony, first and foremost I thank you. You are the most concerning gentleman in the world. Without your concern for Bryce when he was feeling down, I don’t know how we would have handled it. When you came out and gave him your personal card, he lit up. I will be forever grateful to you. Be blessed!

Mrs. Dodd, Bryce and family

Helped me to improve my hitting and play better

We were looking for batting cages since I have been needing help with batting lately and we found To The Next Level Athletics in the Naperville Athletic Center. These cages were very nice on the inside and outside and the employees were extremely nice. They helped me to improve my hitting and play better.

Mia Spanier
Softball Customer

Great staff

Great facility and staff!

Snyder Productions

Staff is great

Tony and his staff are great!

Janette Hatchett Fontana

I highly recommend TTNL

I highly recommend TTNL. My son decided he wanted to play high school basketball after not playing for two seasons. We met with Tony and we set up sessions with Sean. I was impressed how Sean pushed Ryne, and could see he made it his goal that Ryne made the team. In two months my son was dribbling and shooting better than he ever had, and he understood the game better which boosted his confidence. He has made the high school team and is loving it. Huge thanks to Sean!! You know your craft.

Phillip Adler

Heart-felt thank you

I just want to extend a heart-felt thank you to To The Next Level Athletics for your commitment to making our 32nd annual Dr. Martin Luther King Funfest and Back to School Bash so successful and great – we did it again! This event would not have been a realization at all without the generous support of you and this caring community – it was the largest ever.

Thanks to our MLK Funfest and Back to School Bash, we have annually been able to help many individuals and numerous families. Our event helps to offset the cost of school supplies and other services that come with the start of a new school year. With the support of our police union and policemen we were able to give students gym shoes this year.

We deeply appreciate the enthusiasm and excitement with which you have and continue to sponsor and/or volunteer to make our city a healthier, happier place to live in. We sincerely hope that this friendship will be maintained and that you will continue to support us in our future events. You are truly appreciated and I hold you in the warmest regards.

Alderman Scheketa Hart-Burns
City of Aurora, 7th Ward Alderman

Really enjoying basketball

Thank you so much for all that you are doing for these kids. Our son Will is really enjoying basketball and we are thrilled that there are still sports options for our kids, thanks to people like you.

Sarah H.

Tony and team are great

Tony and team are great! Keep up the good work guys!!

Robert S.

Kids had a good time

Facility worked out great tonight! Staff was courteous and the kids had a good time. One of the best practices we’ve had. Thank you!

Tim B.

League was ran very efficiently and great competition

We have most definitely enjoyed the (women’s basketball) season thus far.  As I said on Sunday this league was ran very efficiently and great competition. Thank you very much for putting this together!

Blanca Gonzalez

Learning new skills and competing

Tony runs an awesome program for the kids, my 2nd grader learned a lot this season and had fun learning new skills and competing. Keep it up TTNL!!

Heather G.
Travel Team Parent

Shows how much you care for our kids

Thank you for talking with our daughter and truly taking the time to be there for her, it shows how much you care for our kids. Let us know when you’re available for one-on-one lessons, after baseball we want to sign her up for basketball!

Erica Vasquez

We will definitely be back

Found this place through a Google search to get my son some extra batting practice and I’m SO very glad I did! Tony took the time on a Friday evening to work one-on-one with my son, evaluating the areas he needed to work on and then providing recommendations on how to improve his hitting. A few slight tweaks and my son was seeing the ball better and hitting better! That hour provided him an extra boost of confidence he needed going into his weekend games. We will definitely be back!

Tracie J.

Great memories from this weekend

As tournament director, I enjoyed watching the passion that the TTNL team was coached with over the weekend. Your players definitely emulate you as their leader. For many of these boys, it will be the great memories from this weekend that they will look back on fondly as they get older. It is great when their coaches and fans make them feel special and important. We will see you guys again next year and good luck with the rest of your season!

Shaun Palmer
Geneva Feeder 4th Grade Boys Head Coach & Tournament Director

Tip my hat to you coaches

As our basketball season comes to an end, I would like to thank Tony, Sean and Coach V for a great season. I would never had guessed the team would do as well as they did record wise or that they would only lose one game in the playoffs. That being said. I’m more impressed on how our kids conducted themselves on the court. They never hung their heads, never argued calls and never gave up!! As a parent, I love seeing my child win, but absolutely have to tip my hat to you coaches on showing these kids how to respect their teammates, opponents and referees. Thank you, Ryne loved every minute of it!

Travel Team Parent

Great place for 1v1 learning basketball or baseball

Great place for 1v1 learning basketball or baseball. Offer multiple options for full team travel if you wish. A hometown organization that is growing but most importantly the kids learn and have fun while crafting their skill for the future.

Chris Synal

Really enjoying it

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know how great this session has been for Evan. This is Evan’s first time playing in a competitive league. Prior to this he has only done park district ball and due to Covid he hasn’t played on a team in a year!! He is really enjoying it and we can already see that he is improving! He has a ways to go but loving the opportunity to play!

Amy G.
Travel Team Parent

Great place to get confidence

My grandson needed batting help within a short time frame. To The Next Level was very accommodating, friendly and provided the help needed. A great place to get that extra level of confidence.

Janice G.


Our 12 year old son decided he would like to play baseball again, after not playing since 1st/2nd grade. We were all for it, but nervous he would be behind as all the other kids never stopped playing throughout the years. We brought him in for a few private lessons with Tony and after just these few lessons saw HUGE IMPROVEMENTS! He can 100% hang with his team and most importantly, he’s getting more and more confident in his baseball skills. I am so happy we found Tony! He’s so patient, kind, motivating and just an all around great coach!

Carrie K.