My son Bowan participated in the recent To the Next Level basketball camp and the coaches (for this camp) were exceptional! I really cannot say enough about them.  Highest marks on skills, fundamentals, ability to maintain the attention and participation of every single kid (and there were 20 kids there today).  They also somehow managed to give personalized help to individuals without making them seem as if they were doing something wrong and used the moments to teach to everyone.  They positively lead by taking time out regarding working and helping to improve other kids you might be partnered up with that don't seem to be as good, because that partner is on your team, and focusing on mechanics ("I don't care if you make the basket, I only care if you are trying to make the layup the right way").  I have seen a number of sports camps and coaches and these guys were another level - every bit professional athletes, patient teachers, and positive motivational coaches!

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