If cancellation is necessary, we require the following:

CANCELLATIONS must be made 24-hours prior to the scheduled event or time frame of event. An “event” is defined as any service provided through TTNL and/or an Independent Trainer such as, but limited to, an individual, group or team training, as well as any and all court, cage or turf rentals.  However, this does not include those events that require a non-refundable deposit amount for events such as birthday parties or other special events. 

Please be advised that “No Shows” will be held accountable for full payment:

NO SHOWS will be charged the full amount for any event not attended without a 24-hour cancellation notice.  A “no show” is defined as a moment when a client and/or independent trainer has a scheduled time for an “event” and does not show up for that event.  If the client has prepaid for a package of lessons or rentals, the “no show” will count against the remaining number of lessons or rentals.

In the event of a refund request:

REFUNDS (full) will be received when an event cancellation has been made prior to 24-hours before a scheduled event or prior to the designated time frame of an event. 

PAYMENTS in full will be required for all cancellations and no shows prior to scheduling any subsequent service.

CREDITS toward future services will be given in accordance with the TTNL refund policy.

RETURNED CHECKS for any service must be replaced with cash, money order or a cashier’s check for the amount of the returned check, in addition, to a $35 Returned Check Fee.  TTNL will not accept personal checks from the client after a check has been returned for non-sufficient funds or other reasons.  If a balance is pending longer than 30 days, TTNL will pursue collections through a service or legal action.